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Growth Designer, UX Strategist, Product Design Coach

Professional Experiences

2017 - 2020

2020 Design Simulators

UX & Design Studio


2016 - 2017

Witioo failed startup

Founder & CDO


2015 - 2016

Luxury Retreats (now Airbnb)

UX Evangelist

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2013 - 2014

TC Media | Incubator

Digital Business Strategist


2007 - 2013   |    2015


VP Innovation & Design


2000 - 2007

IDEOnova lab



Product Lab Director

HS Innovation Studio

2021 - 2023

Sébastien Paris

"A good idea is only an opportunity. The quality of its execution only reveals its potential. Only its adoption reveal its true value."


An ever curious and every day student of Design & Technology, I bridge business, engineering and human centric design to conceive efficient strategies, desirable products, optimized systems and delightful experiences for human and business impact. 


I specialize in working across functional teams, evangelizing innovation and mobilizing all actors towards a desired outcome.

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Established UX | HCD Practice & Services

Coached Product Designers

Lead Product Strategy & DesignOps Methodology

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First hired to coach product Designers in their professional growth, the mandate quickly evolved into establishing the UX Research / UX Design practice to optimize DesignOps and level up strategic and design quality.

As a fervent AI and innovation advocate, I was entrusted with a newly formed Product Lab in order to infuse product excellence and level up clients' Digital Transformation strategy and mandates.

Established UX Practice & Design Studio

Conceived cross-products Design System

Lead Design of Online to Store Experiences

I was hired to lead the human-centric strategy for 2020, which had grown into the World leader in Interior Design 3D simulators, CAD and BIM through a series of acquisitions. 

Establishing the UX Practice and implementing a Design System for their product portfolio, my Design Studio was pivotal in consolidating strategic clients, from IKEA to THD, leading their strategy, from sales to delivery.

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Behavioural Psychology & Social Study

Conceived IoT empowering Social Peace

Evangelized Innovation to solve Social Problems

Eager to use my human-centric and behavioural science knowledge for the common good, I embarked into a journey to solve a social paradigm in public safety: the commonality in context in which criminals act. 

From designing a stealth IoT device to anonymized geolocation Networks, everything had to be invented.

Ultimately, Witioo failed to
 attract VC funding due to its idealistic Social Enterprise business model.

Established UX Practice & Design Studio

Lead Mobile App Design

Conceived Innovative Travel Products


In view of the M&A of LR with Airbnb, I was assigned to harmonize LR operations with the Agile and UX First Airbnb methodology. To minimize the disruption of current operations, we chose to launch a strategic project in parallel: a mobile App that would reDesign the end-to-end Guest & host experience.

The result was a complete success, innovating new capabilities and experiences later integrated into Airbnb.

Pivoted Traditional Media Properties to Digital Models

Conceived & Designed Innovative Digital Products

Coached Digital Transformation & Agile

First hired to reDesign Montreal Parking's Mobile Payment App for other major Canadian cities, I was quickly identified to join the newly formed TC Incubator as Digital Business Creative. 


With TC's portfolio of some of the most popular printed media properties in Canada, I lead several initiatives to pivot those to Digital business models and conceived innovative cross-property offering.


Established Human Centric Design Practice

Design Direction of FinTech Products

Innovation Management Framework


Following the acquisition of Ideonova by Inovestor, I was assigned as VP Executive to lead the innovation and R&D of Fintech products and Online payment. 


In this role, I also lead the online booking and payment engine of ViaRail, the design of TSX derivatives brokerage stations, and the innovation of the first Data-driven RobotInvestor in Canada, a decade before AI was a trend.


Co-coded first fully web-based CMS

Consulted on Digital Transformation

Conceived Travel Product (Booking Engine)

IDEOnova was a small R&D firm we launched to experiment with emerging Web technologies and research new way of streamlining Web design and publishing operations. The result was the first multilingual, fully web-based, Content Management System and File Sharing, branded ContentBox.


These systems allowed our partners to empower their Digital Transformation though their existing workforce, without the need to hire teams of Web developers, rare human resources at the time.


Industrial Design

Architectural Design


While studying Environmental Design, I joined a small creative Architectural firm with which we modeled the first building in 3D CAD in Canada (thanks to Softimage) and made a documentary on Ernest Cormier, in collaboration with Phillis Lambert and the Canadian Center of Architecture.


1987 - 1989

Université du Québec à Montréal

Design de l'Environement

Teachings / Methodologies
IDEO Creative Studio

Design Thinking Workshop

AJ&Smart Innovation Studio

Design Sprint Facilitation

Complexity Labs

System Design Thinking

Strategy  |  UX research  |  UX Design  | 
Human Centric Design  |  system design | 
quantitative & 
qualitative research 

digital transformation  | innovation 
empathic  |  problem solver  |   curious |
intuitive   |   teamwork  |  ingenious |  versatile
Strategy to overcome business challenges and reach desired outcomes

Entrepreneurial, from startups founder to multinational executive, I have a certain complicity with business stakeholders. As great Designing is, the measurable business outcome is what gives it its true value.

Simplify complexity

Driven by a 1st principle approach and System Design Thinking, I have a keen eye to unveil simplicity in the most complex  systems. Smart Design makes solutions simpler to produce and, more importantly, delightful to use.

Pragmatic innovation: differentiating trends from hype

As an ex-coder and a technologist, I follow closely all the latest innovation, in business models as in technologies, to help identify the proper strategy for each unique product and businesses. Pragmatism is essential for CapEx and time-to-market.


With proven methodologies, I specialized over the years in helping operation's fluidity.  From discovery, research, Design, Production and Go-to-market, engaging all actors in Human Centric Design process creates business and human value.

Miro  |  FigJam  |   Whiteboards  |  Post-its
Figma   |   Balsamiq  |  XD  |   Framer
PowerPoint  |  K
eynote   |  Canva
Adobe Suite  |   Generative AI
ChatGPT   |   Dall-e  |  Gemini  |   Grok
Ergonomics   |   UX   |   Behavioural Psychology
sociology   |  urbanism  |  economic  |  geopolitics
LLMs  |  AGI  |  Generative Design |  
electrification  |  mobility 
Professional Goals
Contribute to professional growth (including mine)

As a Digital Design lead, I experienced first hand what makes a team achieve greatness, or failure. In my current career chapter, I find more gratification in the success and growth of the team I work with and Designers I coach than my own.

Co-create sustainable products and systems

Sustainability and evolution from feedback loop needs to be built into the Design process. I am most proud today to still be using, like 100,000's of others, the Apps and systems I have conceived a decade ago. Good design is lasting design...

Freedom to perform

As an high performer, challenges given to me become my purpose. As such, I'm fully dedicated in solving problems and helping my team mates succeed. Freedom to manage my time and location responsibly is essential to feed my creative flow.

Have a lasting impact & legacy (aka Make a difference)

As SImon Sinek famously said: "work with people that already believe what you believe". I'm seeking to work with human-centric, purpose driven organizations that share my values of empathy, generosity and personal as professional growth.

JS |  HTML  |  CSS  | Pyton
english |  français  |  español  | italiano

Design is more than a career, it's my approach to life.
Being curious, experimenting, learning, envisioningembracing uncertainties, trusting the process... even in doubt!

When I'm not working or having fun in the digital realm, I farm flowers on my ancestral farm that I co-designed with artisans in their craft. The wonder at the beauty of flower fields and designing compositions at each new blooms and share it with people brings me joy and inner peace. And reminds me that nature is the ultimate designer.

Lately, I bought a patrimonial Church and an old school that I'm restoring with ancestral materials and techniques. As in any of my projects, personal or professional, I surround myself with more talented craftsmen to co-create beauty

Growing up on 3 continents, discovering new cultures and different ways to look at life is my ultimate source of inspiration and creativity. So I travel the world as much as I can and visited and lived in some 26 countries so far.


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